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How to cancel your plan.

This is only for customer's that purchased their plan through Flood Ford.

  1. Fill out the Cancellation Form. Found Here.
  2. Attach any of the following for proof of ending mileage and time.*
    1. Odometer Statement(Given to you by a dealership at vehicle trade in).
    2. Total Loss Letter(Given by insurance companied if the vehicle was totaled).
    3. Photo of the odometer.
    4. Bill of sale with the end mileage and date.
  3. Scan those 2 documents or take pictures with your cell phone.
  4. E-mail them to or fax to 888-318-8534.
  5. Wait 4-6 weeks for a check to be mailed or money to be returned to your credit card. If the purchase was less than 6 months ago it will be returned to your creit card or Paypal account.

*We only need 2 documents, a completed cancellation form and one from the list(A,B,C, or D). We do not need a copy of the contract.

If you wish to transfer the funds to a new vehicle please check the "hold for credit" box on the cancellation form. Place your new order, we will complete your order, then refund the credit from the cancellation to the credit card used on the new order.