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If I purchase a Ford Protect plan from you, can I use it at my local Ford or Lincoln dealership?
Yes. A Ford Protect Contract is good any Ford and Lincoln Dealership in the United States and Canada. Your VIN number will tie your vehicle to the warranty in Ford's national database.

Is this the same product that is sold at my local Ford Dealership?
Yes. These Ford Protect contracts are backed by Ford Motor Company and are sold in all Ford/Lincoln Dealerships. Your Ford Protect agreement will be honored at all Ford and Lincoln Dealerships. We sell in volume and can therefore offer great discounts over your local Ford dealer.

What is the difference between Ford ESP and Ford Protect?
In late 2016 Ford ESP was rebranded as Ford Protect. Only the name was changed, coverage is the same.

When will my extended warranty begin and end?
Your warranty will begin from your vehicle's original in-service date and mileage. This is the date and mileage of your vehicle when it was first sold from the dealer as a new vehicle.

Is an ESP contract transferable if I sell my vehicle?
Yes. For a $75 transfer fee you can transfer your contract to another person (private party) to give them the added confidence of Ford Protect. Coverage is transferable from private party to private party, through the life of the contract. The fee may vary by state.

How does buying online work?
Once you submit an order to us it is reviewed by our staff. It is then electronically submitted to Ford Protect Headquarters. Once approved we email you an invoice, and copy of the contract. Your VIN number will tie your vehicle to your warranty in Ford's vehicle database. That way all Ford dealers will know you have a warranty. Your credit card is not charged until we successfully register your plan.

Can I cancel my Ford Protect Contract?
Yes. For most states if you cancel within 30 days and no services have been rendered you can receive a full refund minus a $75 cancellation fee. After 30 days the refund will be pro-rated by time and mileage. For specific cancellation fees by state please click here.

If I go to the dealership and have two issues on the same visit how much will I pay?
Your deductible is paid per warranty visit, and not per item. So if you have a $100 deductible, and have two warranty issues you would pay the $100 deductible just once on that visit.

What Ford models are excluded from coverage?
The following models are excluded from Ford Protect Coverage:Foose F-150, Ford GT, Mustang: All Roush Performance Modified
Vehicles(except Stage 1 and Stage 2), Shelby GT500KR, GTS, Supersnake, Tonka, and any other Shelby Performance Modified Vehicles, All Saleen modified vehicles, Transit Connect Electric.

Do you offer financing?
We currently offer financing through PayPal. Check out with Paypal and choose PayPal credit as your funding souce for 6 months of 0% financing. Please see PayPal for details.